How Would You Use Google Glass?

googleglassWe have seen a lot of buzz around google glass, what it means for the future, debates on who will be willing to purchase it or be a first adopter. But the realisty is that there are some really compelling things that people plan to use glass for. Here the top 10 ways people plan to use google glass from ReadWriteWeb:

  1. Enhancing Surgery With Augmented Reality – “the technology could be use by surgeons as virtual assistants in the operating room. Timothy Lee, a surgical resident at New York University, proposes using Glass to record operations for teaching purposes, enable remote assistance via livestream and show the surgeon vitals, CT scan and other pertinent medical information. “
  2. Revolutionizing Higher Education – “For students, Google Glass could be transformative. Some are even talking about how Glass could potentially aid those with learning disabilities.  Recording lectures, live streaming them for remote access, audio-note taking and supplementing lectures with related data are just the beginning.”
  3. Enhancing Less Formal, More Hands-On Learning – “Just like people post tutorial videos to YouTube, a camera-equipped camera you wear on your face opens up new possibilities for teaching people things from a hands-on, first person perspective. Fixing things, cooking meals, learning to play the guitar.”
  4. Augmented Reality Gaming – “With technology like Glass, game developers can overlay gameplay over the real world, and plenty of them are already thinking about how to take their Android games to this new, exciting (or creepy) level.”
  5. Overcoming Disabilities – “At the University of New Brunswick Libraries, Jeff Carter wants to use Glass to make things more accessible to the visually impaired via real-time optical character recognition and text-to-speech translation. “
  6. Stargazing – “Amateur astronomers will be able to look at the sky with a whole new layer of digital insight using tiny, face-mounted computers. “
  7. Healthier Living – “If Santa Clara University student Alexander Vincent Molloy has his way, you’ll also be able to return health-related information about foods while you’re cooking or even shopping.”
  8. Reconnecting With History – “Armed with Glass-supported Android apps, walking through the historical Old City District of Philadelphia or the history-rich parks of Massachusetts could be like taking one of those audio-guided tours on digital steroids.”
  9. Augmented Reality Art – “It doesn’t have to bound by museum walls, either. European design agency Nuelandherzer says it would use Glassto create an augmented reality experience for viewing and learning about urban street art around the world.”
  10. Real-Time Language Translation – “Using technology Google already owns (OCR and Google Translate), Glass could translate foreign signs and menus. Even more compelling is the device’s theoretical ability to translate spoken language into real-time subtitles, effectively eliminating any language barrier between two Glass-wearing individuals.”

Check out the whole article here. What would you use Google Glass for?


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