In-The-Wild Ingenuity Solves Real-World Problem

Extreme PotholeDo you keep hitting the same pothole and telling yourself you’ll report it to the city as soon as you get home, only to forget about it until the next day when you hit the pothole all over again? Or maybe you do remember but you’re not sure which department to contact, and the city’s phone menu isn’t any help. Well, Cambridge, MA recognized these issues, and being one of the smartest, techiest cities in the US they decided to do something about it, in-the-wild app style. Here’s what they came up with, from PCWorld:

The Cambridge iReport app allows smartphone users to report issues in real time and in fewer steps.

[CIO Mary] Hart first piloted Cambridge iReport through the city’s website to see how much activity it would get. She received 80 reports within the first month and made the decision to skip a pilot of the mobile version and go straight into development. …

The app lets citizens include photos of potholes, burned-out street lights, graffiti and rodent problems, or just send text descriptions. Google Maps marks the location of the issue, and if it’s within six miles of Cambridge, it gets pulled into the city’s work-order system. From there, it’s assigned to the proper city worker.

To close the loop, the citizen who submitted the issue will get a confirmation email saying her complaint was received and can later check on the progress of the problem.

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That’s some real in-the-wild ingenuity!